Organizing Donation Program

Donation Program2

As part of NFFE’s ongoing effort to build membership, NFFE is introducing its 2022 NFFE Local Organizing and Recruitment Donation Program. This program is largely unchanged from the 2021 program. This program represents just one facet of NFFE’s overall organizing and recruitment strategic plan. This program allows NFFE Local Lodges that formulate an organizing and recruitment plan, then achieve net growth in membership, to receive an organizing and recruitment donation from NFFE National.

Local Lodges that opt in would be eligible to receive $80 for each net new member added to the Local Lodge (i.e. a Local that grows from 100 members to 110 members would be eligible for a $800 organizing and recruitment donation). This $80 is above and beyond the $20 that NFFE National pays Locals for each new member that is initiated. Payments for initiations were authorized by NFFE’s National Executive Council at the start of 2018 and will continue throughout 2022. Local Lodges must meet other criteria to be eligible for the organizing and recruitment donation program. See attached program rules for specifics.

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