Veterans Day Message from NFFE National President Randy Erwin

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On Wednesday, November 11th, we honor our military veterans who served to defend the United States from foreign aggression and protect the interests of the American people.  Our veterans have earned our appreciation and admiration through their commitment and courage, and the United States is a stronger country because of their sacrifice.

More than 31% of the federal workforce are veterans as are many NFFE-IAM members who continue to serve in a civilian capacity.  The federal government is the single largest employer of veterans, and we must continue to preserve veteran’s preferences and other earned benefits in government employment to best maintain career ladders for veterans after they leave the military. 

NFFE is proud to represent our former service women and men at their jobs.  Our sense of pride swells further through our commitment to represent those who care for our nation’s veterans through their work at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  There is no higher directive than ensuring America keeps its promise to provide for the health and wellness of those who served in uniform. 

To all veterans, I say thank you for your service.  Together, as a Union, we can safeguard your legacy, and we can continue to protect the employment rights and the health and medical promises made to all veterans.  That is the power of solidarity.     


Randy Erwin
NFFE National President