Congress Reaches Deal on Six Month Stop-Gap Spending Measure to Avoid Shutdown


Good news, federal employees: It appears we will not have another government shutdown scare when the fiscal year expires on September 30, 2012.

According to Government Executive, Congressional leaders from both parties have agreed to a six month stop-gap spending measure to keep the government funded through March of 2013. Spokespersons for both the Democrats and Republicans suggest the measure will be crafted during Congress’s month-long August recess and come up for a vote during September’s eight-day legislative calendar.

This is welcome news for federal employees who have seen their fair share of political wrangling over funding the government in recent years. For the time being, it appears the games of political chicken over the federal budget will be set aside.

“This is a good development for federal employees,” said NFFE Legislative Director Randy Erwin. “Every time there is a credible threat of a government shutdown, certain members Congress take the opportunity to demand reduced pay and benefits from federal employees as a concession to break the log-jam. The threat federal workers face isn’t going away, but at least a government shutdown isn’t looming on top of everything else going into the November elections and a crowded lame duck session of Congress that will follow.”