D.C. Golden Triangle Workers Choose NFFE-IAM in Hard-Fought Election


Last week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) certified election results for the employees of Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) to be represented by NFFE-IAM. The campaign began earlier this year and culminated with an election on May 28, 2014. Despite an aggressive Union-busting campaign by the company, the election resulted in a landslide victory in favor of NFFE-IAM – a huge win for Golden Triangle employees. D.C. Golden Triangle employees will join the Downtown D.C. Safety, Hospitality and Maintenance employees (SAMs) in NFFE-IAM’s expanding membership of city ambassador workers.

Despite the overwhelming election victory, the effort to organize the Golden Triangle BID employees was not an easy task. Golden Triangle’s parent company, Block by Block, spent large sums to bank-roll Union-busting consultants who were hired to break the spirits of the Golden Triangle employees. They distributed misleading anti-Union literature and held captive audience meetings intended to intimidate employees. However, at every turn, NFFE-IAM responded. The lead Union organizer, National Business Representative Roosevelt Littlejohn, Jr., met with Golden Triangle employees on a daily basis to keep the workers standing strong and together. Littlejohn also held large group strategy meetings and worked to rebut every deceptive story told by the employer and their Union-busting consultants.

After all the campaigning was done, the election was upon the employees. The election process ran smoothly, and the Golden Triangle workers chose decisively in favor of NFFE-IAM. On June 16, 2014, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) certified the election results, confirming NFFE-IAM as the exclusive representative for the Golden Triangle employees.

“It is moving to see the resolve displayed by the Golden Triangle employees through the election process,” said NFFE National President William Dougan. “Despite every trick the company tried to play, these men and women stood strong and ultimately voted for better wages, fairness on the job, and respect in the workplace voting in favor of the Union.”

Following the election victories for the Downtown D.C. SAMs and Golden Triangle employees, NFFE is increasing its sizeable foot-print in Washington, D.C. in the growing city ambassador industry.

“Millions of people live in, work in, or visit Washington, D.C. every year, and these dedicated workers make their experiences safer and more enjoyable,” said Dougan. “It is a valuable service that Washington, D.C. and the American people are lucky to have. We are happy to welcome these dedicated workers to the NFFE-IAM family.”