Down to the Last Few Minutes to Sign a Continuing Resolution…Once Again

Tell Congress to Stop 'Schedule F'
Tell Congress to Stop 'Schedule F'

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The President is expected to sign an appropriation “minibus” bill that includes a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the rest of government until December 7.  If the President does not sign the bill before Monday, the government will go into a lapse in funding (i.e., a partial shutdown) at midnight on Sunday.  All nonessential employees at most departments and agencies will not be allowed to work on Monday.  
However, the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to run along with a few other agencies because the President signed an earlier minibus appropriation bill funding the VA and programs covered under Water, Energy and Military Construction.  The VA and the programs contained in the earlier bill already have their full funding for FY 2019 and are therefore not affected by a partial shutdown. 
We will keep NFFE members informed as events unfold over the next few days.  If a shutdown occurs on Monday morning, it is recommended that you show up for work to receive the official order not to work unless your agency advises otherwise.  This may prevent an unexcused absence charge from your supervisor.