Exercise Your Right to Vote!


From the Desk of NFFE National President Erwin)                                       NFFE National President Randy Erwin

Brothers and Sisters,

The most important midterm election of our lifetime is just days away. On Tuesday, Nov. 6th (or earlier if your state allows it), I hope you will join me in exercising your constitutional right to vote. This election cycle, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and 35 of 100 seats in the U.S. Senate are being contested, and the stakes could not be higher for federal employees.

Please do not forget that, as federal employees, it is Congress that makes many of the critical decisions about your pay, your benefits, your job security, and your workplace protections. These are bread and butter issues that have a direct impact on your livelihood and the security of you, your family, and your community. That is why when you cast your ballot on Election Day, it is imperative to support lawmakers who have the best interests of federal employees and working people in mind.

Here are a couple helpful tools to help you do that:

For a list of union-endorsed candidates go to: www.MyUnionMyVote.org

For voting records of lawmakers on issues impacting federal employees and working families go to: http://www.aflcio.org/scorecard/legislators

Let me assure you, there are many in Congress that would love nothing more than to pay for yet another billionaire tax cut by raiding federal employees’ pensions and stripping you of a secure retirement. President Trump has been pushing hard on Congress as long as he has been in the White House to slash federal employee pensions to pay for his other priorities. In the next Congress, we are going to need lawmakers in Washington with the courage to push back and say “No!” when the White House starts demanding cuts to federal workers’ pay, benefits, jobs, and workplace protections.

Federal employees have done enough in the name of deficit reduction in recent years, and it is time for lawmakers to look elsewhere for their cuts. Over the last decade, federal employees have contributed more than $180 billion dollars to deficit reduction through pay freezes, minimal pay raises, and increased employee contributions to retirement (with no added benefit for those increased contributions). The average federal employee has contributed upwards of $90,000 toward deficit reduction. Enough is enough. These constant attacks from Congress must stop. You can help stop it by casting your vote wisely and helping to elect pro-worker candidates on Election Day.

On Tuesday November 6th, take a stand against those in Congress who want to threaten your job and the financial security of your family.  Take a stand against those in Congress who want to destroy your reputation as a federal civil servant by shamefully and wrongly blaming you for the turmoil and political corruption in Washington.  Take a stand for Democracy fueled by a workforce that is loyal to the country and the American people, and not any political party or ideology.

There is little doubt that the vote you cast this Election Day will be one of the most important you will ever make. Do your civic duty. Encourage your friend, family, and coworkers to do the same. Let’s make Election Day a great day for federal employees and working families.  Let’s send a new group of lawmakers to Washington that are going to work for us!

In Solidarity,

Randy Erwin
National President
National Federation of Federal Employees