FEHB Rates Tick Up for 2019


Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Beginning November 12 through December 10, 2018, federal employees and retirees will have access to the annual Open Season for health insurance, dental and vision insurance in which they can review current plans, make changes, and in enroll in coverage.

For the 2019 FEHB Program Rates, employees can expect:

  • The overall average increase in rates for non-Postal employees and retirees will be 1.3%
  • The Government contribution will increase by 1.2%
  • The enrollee share will increase an average of 1.5%
  • For Self Only, the average premium increase is 0.9%
  • For Self Plus One, the average increase is 1.1%
  • For Self and Family, the average increase is 1.4%

For the 2019 Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) Rate, employees can expect:

  • The overall average premium increase is 1.2% for dental plans
  • The overall average premium decrease is 2.8% for vision plans

Fortunately, while the plans do see premium increases, these increases are lower than in years past. Please see the links below for further any further information. 
Open Season Story 2019 Rates (from OPM)
Combined Rates Package 2019 (from OPM)