FL 2152 Wins Big with BLM Organizing Campaign in California

Persistence paid off for FL 2152. This April, the local’s decade long effort to organize the last remaining unorganized group of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) workers in California was an overwhelming success.
Over the years, NFFE has continuously worked at organizing all BLM employees in California.   After an agency re-organization almost 20 years ago, then a NFFE local merger about 15 years ago, there remained one group of 31 Northern California BLM professional employees left without representation.  Since that time, local 2152 has been dedicated to organizing the group and has made steady work of demonstrating the benefits of union membership to the professional employees.
Led by the local’s President and a team of dedicated officers and stewards scattered throughout the state, FL 2152’s organizing efforts focused on building a high-functioning local that BLM employees would be proud to be a part of. Next, the local made it a priority to get to know the needs of the Archeologists, Biologists, Engineers, Botanists, and other professionals they hoped to represent. Over time, these small acts contributed to the local’s organizing victory.
On April 19, 2018, BLM professional employees in California made their voices heard in a state-wide election. Over two thirds of the employees voted yes to joining NFFE.
Jan Thompson, the National Business Representative for NFFE’s Western region, commented: “We are so proud of Local 2152! The officers and stewards enthusiastically led the campaign and continually communicated the importance of union representation.  Their commitment paid off, and we are very happy to have the NORCAL professionals on board and part of our union family!”
FL 2152’s organizing campaign and successful election demonstrate just how important it is for locals to take a lead role in bringing new employees into the union. No one knows better than employees in the field just how important having a union is to their wellbeing in the workplace. If you or your local is interested in organizing new employees, contact NFFE’s Organizing Department, and let us help you reach your goals.