From the Desk of the President: Call for Interest in Formation of NFFE Veterans Committee


Brothers and Sisters,

The National Federation of Federal Employees recognizes that veterans face a unique variety of issues, concerns, and difficulties in the federal workplace. To better serve our members who are veterans, our union is founding the NFFE Veterans Committee to aid and assist them with these challenges.

The committee will meet regularly to advise and consult on key issues and concerns affecting veterans in the federal workplace, as well as an extended community focused on veterans’ services. Committee members will work closely with all federal agencies in service to veterans and with members of national veterans’ service organizations to maintain effective working relationships.

The committee will need people with knowledge of veterans’ issues, concerns, services, and support organizations, and/or trainings in and experiences with pertinent laws, policies and directives as they pertain to veterans. Any NFFE member who is a veteran, as well as the spouse of any union member who is a veteran, is encouraged to consider serving on this committee.

For more information on the committee’s activities, read the detailed explanation below. Those interested in serving on this committee should contact David Chevalier at

In Solidarity,

William R. Dougan

National President

Duties and Role of NFFE Veteran’s Committee:

The purpose of the NFFE Veterans’ Committee will be to provide assistance, recommendations, guidance and timely and pertinent information to the National Executive Council on all issues and concerns related to the rights, whether civil, legal or contractual, for employment, retention, and betterment of military veterans who are NFFE members.

The committee will help identify and report on current and emerging barriers to fair treatment for military veterans in the federal workplace; advocate for the issues and concerns of military veterans’ who are NFFE members; serve as a subject matter advisor for designated union stewards representing military veteran employees who are NFFE members and selected federal agency representatives; promote activities that will support the value of federal employees who are military veterans to the NFFE membership and representative federal agencies; assist in educating and raising awareness among the NFFE membership and representative federal agencies about the concerns and value of military veterans; and develop and support communication and networking opportunities among and between NFFE membership and representative federal agencies on pertinent matters related to military veterans.