From the Desk of the President: Honoring America’s Nurses


Brothers and Sisters,

May 6 is National Nurses Day, beginning a week of celebration for all Americans to remember and honor the service of all nurses throughout our great nation. Their dedication and selfless service in caring for our elderly, our ill, our injured and our wounded warriors returning from Afghanistan and Iraq is nothing short of remarkable. Through the course of our lives, it can be said that at some point in time a nurse has offered each of us comfort, a kind word, a reassuring look, expecting nothing in return. In our hour of need, they answer the call to take care of us and help us back to wellness. Theirs is a noble occupation of service to those in need.

The National Federation of Federal Employees is privileged to represent numerous women and men in the Veterans Administration (VA) and Indian Health Service (IHS) who serve as nurses in VA and IHS hospitals and facilities across this nation. The tireless dedication of VA nurses caring for our veterans and returning soldiers makes it possible for these patriots and heroes to have an opportunity to regain their health and well-being and to begin to rebuild their lives. Likewise the dedication of IHS nursing personnel provides essential healthcare services for Native Americans. The impact these nurses have on their patients cannot be measured by words alone; nor can mere words do justice to the debt of gratitude each of us owes the nursing staff and professionals throughout the VA and IHS.

It is with pride that I am honored to be able to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to our brothers and sisters working in VA and IHS hospitals and facilities across this nation. I am humbled by their contributions. Their efforts truly make a difference in people’s lives.


William R. Dougan