Get to Know the Legislation that Affects You


Every day, legislation is popping up across the country proposing such injustices as ending official time, furloughing public employees, pay, pensions and jobs, just to name a few. What can you do? Stay on top of the legislation and spread the word to your bargaining unit. Knowing the issues is an incredibly important recruiting tool.

Non-members are going to ask, “Why do I need a union?” The answer is simple. NFFE is fighting for you every day in Washington, to make sure bills that affect your pay, pension, and benefits don’t get passed into law. Knowing this legislation in and out will allow you to become a more effective organizer for your Local or Council.

Remember, since Congress has such a strong impact on the federal workforce, we must become more involved in legislation that will affect our daily lives. When more members are educated on the issues, we can become more of a driving force in letting our representatives in Congress know how we feel about the bills. Alone we can accomplish little, but together we accomplish great things!