Help Needed for Families of Letterkenny Explosion Victims


Friday, August 17, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,
Please support the members and the families of those involved in the fatal explosion that occurred at Letterkenny Army Depot last month.
On July 19th, I made a Facebook post letting folks know that there had been a serious explosion at Letterkenny, stating that three NFFE-IAM members had been seriously hurt in the explosion. I mentioned in that posting that the union would be coordinating assistance for these members and their families. We are following through on that promise.
It is with great sadness that I report that since the incident on July 19th, two of our union brothers – Eric Byers and Richard Barnes – passed away from injuries. A third union brother, Cody Ash, remains hospitalized with very serious injuries.
I am asking you to join me and many, many others across the country in contributing to the families impacted by this tragic explosion at Letterkenny Army Depot. These families are going through so much, and there is little we can do to change that.  However, we can come together to show these families that their union brothers and sisters across the country are grieving with them and we support them.
Even if it is just a few dollars, please contribute today.
Last, please SHARE this GoFundMe page on social media so that others can contribute as well.
I thank you in advance for doing this.  Your help means so much to all of us. 
In Solidarity,
Randy Erwin
NFFE National President

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