It Pays to Be NFFE – Members Only Insurance and Consumer Discounts Save Bundles


Did you know that NFFE-IAM members have access to some of the best consumer, financial, and educational benefits around? You can save on everything from vacations and laptop computers, to life and dental insurance. In fact, many members save more money than they spend in dues each year!

So what kind of benefits do members get that non-members don’t? Members are offered steep discounts on dental plans, vision plans, life insurance, auto insurance, and disability insurance. Offered by Professional Benefit Administrators and Northwest Plan Administrations, these plans can save you hundreds of dollars compared to similar offerings through FEHB and other major insurers.

Members can also save bundles through Union Plus, a savings program created by the AFL-CIO to provide union members and their families with valuable consumer benefits. With Union Plus benefits, your membership pays at work and at home. By using the collective buying power of unions, Union Plus is able to offer valuable, discounted products and services exclusively to working families. To learn more about these great ‘collective bargains,’ watch this brief video, or visit their website at

To access your Union Plus benefits, have your IAM book number close by to verify your membership if asked. If you lost or forgot your IAM book number, contact NFFE Assistant to the President Jai Atkins at for assistance.

All of these benefits and more can be found on the Member Benefits page at So what are you waiting for? Visit today!