Join the NFFE FLSA Lawsuit Now!

NFFE- IAM  understands the anger and frustration that many of you are currently experiencing as a result of the government shutdown. In addition to disrupting your life over politics, we believe that the government is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by requiring excepted employees to work without pay during the shutdown. WE HAVE TAKEN LEGAL ACTION AND FILED A LAWSUIT IN THE FEDERAL COURT OF CLAIMS!
NFFE-IAM has joined forces with Snider & Associates, LLC, and several other Unions to file a collective action lawsuit against the federal government based upon its failure to pay minimum wage and/or overtime to excepted employees who are working through the shutdown. Snider & Associates is a law firm that primarily represents unions and employees with special expertise in federal sector labor and employment law matters. In order to be eligible to join the case, you must be designated as FLSA non-exempt and excepted status and have performed work during the shutdown. The information about your FLSA status can be found on your SF-50. We strongly encourage every employee who is eligible, to join the case. There is no cost to do so. For more information about the case or to join please visit In addition to the communications that we will be sending out, you can also monitor that website for updates on the case. 
You will not automatically be added to this lawsuit, you have to affirmatively join via the website. Your fellow bargaining unit members who are not NFFE members can join as well. However, the time for them to stand on the sidelines and let you shoulder the burden of representing them is over. We are in the fight of our lives. When telling non-members about the case, please ask them to join the fight by joining NFFE. The form to join can be found here. Give it to them, ask them to fill it out and send it to