New ‘Federal Employee’ Newsletter Now Available!


This year’s fourth edition of NFFE’s quarterly newsletter, the Federal Employee, is now available! What’s Inside:

  • A New Beginning for Defense Workforce
  • Long Awaited Telework Bill Becomes Law
  • Organizing Strategic Plan Pays Off Big in 2010
  • The Federal Pay Freeze: What It Means for your Bottom Line
  • Dougan and Fenaughty Freeze NFFE National Officers’ Pay
  • Obama Appoints National Secretary-Treasurer Fenaughty to Federal Salary Council
  • Forest Service Council Negotiates Historic Contract Provision
  • Extending Domestic Partner Benefits to Forest Service Employees
  • NFFE Forest Service Council, Management Representatives, Gather for Union Training
  • NFFE Locals, National Office, Win Big in 2010 IAM Communications Contest
  • On the Road with John Griffin
  • Legislative Conference 2011 on the Horizon

Click Here to View the 4th Quarter 2010 Edition of the Federal Employee