Newly-Installed NFFE Local 7 Leadership Laying Groundwork for Growth

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As every Local knows, undergoing the required biannual Local audit can be a tedious process. But ensuring financial compliance with NFFE, IAMAW, the IRS and Department of Labor is an absolute requirement of all NFFE Locals. But financial compliance is just one piece of the seemingly never-ending responsibilities of Local officers—and the newly-installed officers of NFFE Local 7 are learning just that following a recent union finance training conducted by IAM Auditor Bruce Spalding.

Following a reorganization, NFFE Local 7 represents employees in three separate bargaining units: US Army Corps of Engineers Portland District, US Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District and the USDA Rural Development office in Oregon. Each of the bargaining units maintain a separate collective bargaining agreement. 
Running a Local with three separate CBAs presents a unique set of challenges, but newly-elected Local 7 President Jim Bramell (Walla Walla, ACE) and his executive committee are prepared to step up and provide effective Local growth. Equipped with the knowledge gained from classes at the Winpisinger Center, Local 7 President Bramell and Vice President Terry Surratt (Portland, ACE) have already outlined plans to grow the Local’s membership.
Aided by Secretary-Treasurer Virgil Salcedo (Portland, ACE), Recording-Secretary Jeff Hepler (Portland, ACE) and Conductor-Sentinel Jeremiah Harris (Walla Walla, ACE), a monthly local newsletter is being started to reach all bargaining unit employees. Weekly news updates to Local 7 members are also beginning to take form. The local Executive Board met recently on a Saturday in Portland to map out the future of the growing local, including communications, officer and steward representation training, addressing upcoming events and membership growth. But Local 7 is not limiting their recruitment goals to solely internal organizing. In addition to Local 7’s internal membership growth plan, Vice President Surratt is working with a currently-unorganized unit of federal employees to determine the viability of organizing a new unit.

“Seeing the dedication of the newly-elected executive board for Local 7 is exciting,” said NFFE National President William R. Dougan. “Not only is Local leadership putting the systems in place to spur internal membership growth, but they are taking a serious look at new unit organizing as well. I look forward to hearing of the future successes of this Local and I would challenge all Locals to reflect on their systems of communication, recruitment, representation and training to ensure NFFE-IAM members are receiving the highest quality of service.”


Local 7 S/T Virgil Salcedo and VP Terry Surratt being trained by IAM Auditor Bruce Spalding