NFFE Achieves 14% Net Growth in 2023; Strongest Membership Increase in Decades


Internal NFFE News

January 31, 2024

The National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) is proud to announce that 2023 was the strongest organizing year for our union in the past several decades. NFFE achieved 14% net growth in membership during calendar year 2023. The union had strong growth in 2022 as well and has experienced 25% net growth in calendar years 2022 and 2023 combined. This growth makes NFFE one of the fastest – if not the fastest – growing unions in America.

Last year, NFFE welcomed many U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service employees to our union family. This includes the historic organizing of Yellowstone National Park, as well as the election successes at Cleveland National Forest, Saguaro National Park, and Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. NFFE also welcomed new members at GEO facilities located in Aurora, IL, South Bay, FL, Moore Haven, FL, and Adelanto, CA.

In addition, many existing NFFE Locals recruited internally with a high degree of success. Many of these Locals were participating in NFFE’s 2023 Organizing Donation Program, which had its most successful year since the program was initiated in 2017. We encourage every local to take advantage of the 2024 Organizing Donation Program, which will be announced very soon. NFFE is looking to continue its strong growth in 2024 in all areas.

“I am extremely proud of the tremendous organizing success our union achieved in 2023,” said NFFE National President Randy Erwin. “It is clear that the culture is changing, and changing for the better throughout the federal government and everywhere NFFE has a presence. More and more people nation-wide are coming to the realization that the only way to have powerful and effective voice is by joining with their coworkers, forming a strong union, and using that union as a vehicle for positive change.”

“I want to thank every NFFE leader across the country that helped to make our growth in 2023 possible,” continued Erwin. “I also want to thank the Machinists Union for their commitment to helping NFFE grow. We could not have achieved these gains without the tremendous help of the IAM and all their talented organizers.”