NFFE Family Members Win FEEA Scholarships for Higher Education


Internal NFFE News

September 6, 2023

Two NFFE family members, Emily Phillips and Jessica Montgomery, have been awarded scholarships from the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA) to assist in pursuing higher education this Fall. The scholarship program is available to NFFE members as part of their union membership.

Emily Phillips (pictured) is attending nursing school at Klamath Community College and is starting her second year this Fall. Her husband, Brock Phillips, is a member of NFFE Local 951 and works as a physical scientist at the Bureau of Reclamation in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Emily credits her husband for taking care of their three young children while she returns to school.

“My goal is to show our children the value of hard work and dedication, especially when life is difficult,” Emily said. “Once I receive my degree in nursing, I hope to continue my education, possibly studying naturopathic medicine. The field of nursing offers so many opportunities, I am excited to see where life leads me. Outside of work and school, I love to be outdoors with my family. Yoga, gardening, hiking, and spending time on the water give me joy and keep me grounded.”

The second NFFE scholarship winner, Jessica Montgomery, is attending Michigan Technical University this semester. She is studying biomedical engineering and plans to make a career designing and manufacturing prosthetics and artificial organs like pacemakers. Jessica aims to further her education at a graduate program or medical school. Her dream is to attend medical school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and take part in the Medical Scientist Training Program.

Since 1986, FEEA has offered scholarships to more than 10,000 individuals, including special scholarships to the children of federal civilian employees who died or were severely injured in the line of duty. Collectively, FEEA has provided over $14 million in scholarships to date, and champions the pursuit of higher education. Each year FEEA supports over 200 students with merit-based scholarships ranging between $1,000 and $5,000.

“Congratulations to this year’s NFFE-FEEA scholarship winners,” said Dave Stamey, NFFE Secretary Treasurer and FEEA Board Member. “The partnership between NFFE and FEEA allows us to offer scholarship opportunities like this one, and to help NFFE members through hard times with financial support programs. I am confident that Emily and Jessica will excel in their studies and make significant contributions both in their communities and beyond. NFFE wishes you luck in all your future endeavors!”