NFFE Goes Green with New-Look Federal Employee


A communication and organizing tool since the union’s earliest days, the Federal Employee newsletter is a potent symbol of NFFE’s strength and continuity as a union. Though its appearance may have changed with time, its intrinsic value has remained.

After months of hard work, today NFFE is proud to introduce the new and improved Federal Employee newsletter. Working in conjunction with our new printer, Harris Lithographics, NFFE has redesigned the Federal Employee to better reflect the union’s brand and deliver a sleeker, more professional product to our current and potential members.

The new format offers a large, full cover photo along with a featured article section that offers a more in-depth look at the quarter’s most pressing story.

The most exciting change, however, may not be what is printed, but rather how. Printed in a 100% wind-powered facility, using only vegetable-based inks, this edition of the Federal Employee is the most environmentally friendly issue ever. Taken in conjunction with thousands in savings over our previous printing outfit, the new Federal Employee is a win-win for the membership and the environment.

Print versions will arrive at your Locals shortly. Click here to read the 3rd Quarter 2009 edition of the Federal Employee.