NFFE Headquarters Makes Strides to Increase Efficiency


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In recent months, NFFE Headquarters has made critical strides forward to increase efficiency of the organization’s operations. Here are few examples of the things the Union has been doing to strengthen the organization and to better serve NFFE-IAM members.

NFFE Has Made Numerous Changes to Reduce Unnecessary Costs – In the last year and a half, NFFE has rebid every contract possible, including IT service, health insurance, copying, printing, car insurance, computers, software, and more. By scrubbing the budget in this way, NFFE achieved significant savings without sacrificing service. As a result, NFFE is a far more efficient organization today, with fewer resources going to overhead and more resources going to core functions that benefit NFFE-IAM members.

NFFE is Operating on a Balanced Budget – NFFE’s National Executive Council approved a balanced budget for 2016. Under this budget, NFFE is able to maintain a commitment to service, representation, and membership growth – all while expanding the suite of services available to NFFE-IAM members.
NFFE Headquarters Has Moved – In January of 2016, NFFE Headquarters moved approximately two blocks to a new location in Washington, D.C. While this move was a large undertaking, it was strategically critical for the Union to free up resources to be rededicated directly to mission-critical objectives. In addition, the new NFFE Headquarters has more technological capabilities for NFFE-IAM members than ever before. This move was a win-win for NFFE-IAM members.

“I am very proud of the things we have been doing at NFFE Headquarters in recent months to make our operation more efficiently and to enhance member services,” said NFFE National Secretary/Treasurer Randy Erwin. “We owe it to the membership of this Union to run a lean and mean organization. These changes allow us to optimize our resources and remain laser-focused on service, representation, and membership growth. That is how we are going to continue to grow this Union.”

NFFE’s conference room is equipped with the latest in audio and video conferencing technology