NFFE Introduces New Electronic Sign Up Form (“E-1187”) That Allows New Members to Sign Up from Anywhere


NFFE is proud to roll out our E-1187, a new, fully digital way for workers represented by NFFE to join their union! Instead of being reliant on paper and pen to sign up new members, E-1187 will give NFFE local leaders and staff the ability to use virtually any internet-enabled device to sign someone up for payroll deduction of dues. This tool will be a great next step in the continual modernization of our union and how we interact with members and will give employees the ability to join from nearly anywhere. The required information remains the same as the hard copy, as well, making it easy to use for those experienced with the standard form.

“NFFE’s E-1187 is going to be an incredibly important tool for us, especially in the COVID era,” said NFFE National President Randy Erwin on the rollout of the E-1187. “As long as NFFE has existed, we have been constrained by having to use a physical form to sign up new members. Now, we can sign up new members from anywhere using a phone, computer, or tablet. A person can literally fill out this E-1187 form in 1-2 minutes time. I cannot wait to see all the ways NFFE leaders are going to be using this new capability to grow our Union and build our power.”

Using this new tool, NFFE will be able to engage potential members that previously were difficult to reach.

“NFFE represents thousands of workers across the country that telework all most of the time, work jobs in remote areas, work a non-traditional work schedule, or are simply difficult to engage in person because of security or safety reasons,” continued Erwin. “This E-1187 tool will greatly help NFFE to engage these potential members and make the process of joining the Union simple and easy.”

Interested employees and local leaders can access the E-1187 easily by visiting If you have any questions, please contact NFFE National Organizing Director Ethan West at