VIDEO: NFFE Leadership Call Highlights Successful 2022

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April 7, 2023

Late last month, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) held a call to discuss the accomplishments of the union during 2022, and subsequent goals for 2023.

During last year’s leadership call, National President Randy Erwin expressed that President Biden had been the best president in his lifetime for working people and labor unions. On this call, he asserted that he still holds this belief.

Erwin also touched on how NFFE has worked to ensure that federal employees are still eligible to have access to telework. Throughout the COVID pandemic and presently, federal workers have proven their effectiveness and efficiency in working remotely. NFFE has made it a priority to advocate for federal employees’ right to telework where possible.

Leadership discussed several other key victories for NFFE members in 2022. At Red River Army Depot, NFFE was able to help avoid a large layoff threat and kept their members working. At the Department of Veterans Affairs, NFFE helped to defeat the VA Cares Act, which avoided mass privatization and layoffs. NFFE worked hard to get the PACT Act signed into law, allowing the VA to provide better care to veterans. And, at the FAA, NFFE shut down a proposal to reorganize the Hughes Technical Center that would have led to potential layoffs.

Building off momentum from 2021, NFFE had several significant wins for wildland firefighters and law enforcement officers – including the fight to pass the Fair Responder Fair Retire Act. This piece of legislation protects first responders’ special retirement after an injury. It is notable that Congress passed the bill unanimously with 417 votes in the House of Representatives with no dissenting votes. This serves as further proof that NFFE is a strong, bipartisan union.

NFFE will continue their fight to increase pay for federal workers in 2023. In the President Biden’s budget for FY24, civil servants will earn a 5.2% pay increase. This is the largest increase for federal workers since President Carter’s administration, however, NFFE is still working to reach an 8.7% increase by passing the FAIR Act.

On the organizing front, NFFE reported a remarkable 8.9% net increase in dues paying members in calendar year 2022 – the largest net increase in recent years. Erwin has described it as “absolutely incredible.” Erwin also extended thanks and gratitude to the IAM for their partnership and solidarity. As for 2023, NFFE is seeking an 11.5% net growth in dues paying members.

NFFE general council Jeff Friday discussed preparation for a hostile administration in 2024 in the event that an anti-labor president is elected. Friday pronounced that one preemptive solution would be to extend a contract that would keep future adverse executive orders from being implemented.

During the Q&A session to conclude the call, one member asked about the financial status of the union. Erwin responded, “We’re doing great.” He continued on to say that NFFE passed a balanced budget and operated on a significant surplus throughout the year.


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