NFFE Local 12 Membership Hosts Appreciation Cookout

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, NFFE Local 12, an aircraft maintenance local based in Pensacola, Florida revived its annual tradition of hosting a membership appreciation cookout to thank its members for their support and show potential members just what the local stands for.
Members came together to fundraise, donate, and volunteer their time to ensure the local was able to once again bring back its annual cookout, a tradition that lost traction in the previous few years, but was brought back with great success this year.
The cookout was hosted on base where members and their families were able to share delicious food and take advantage of their local’s beautiful beachside location. The local provided the meat and each member brought a side which was enjoyed before attendees took to the beach to swim, kayak, and paddleboard.
Local President Carmella Thomas remarked, “It’s great to come together and spend some time outside of work getting to know each other’s families and relaxing a bit. We’re so grateful to our members who not only do a great job in their demanding positions every day, but then find the time to give back to the union.”
Not only did the local have a great turnout of members, some bargaining unit employees who were considering joining had an opportunity to come out and learn about the great work the union is doing in their workplace.
The benefits of the local’s membership appreciation cookout did not end when the party stopped. Later on in the day, the local delivered all of the leftover food from the cookout to the Ensley First Baptist Church to feed an additional 50 homeless families.
Now that is a great example of what our union stands for! Thank you, NFFE Local 12, for your commitment to your members and those within your community who are in need.