NFFE Local 1429 Charts Plan to Increase Membership


Last month at Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, Penn., the leadership of NFFE Local 1429 established an organizing committee and laid out a plan to substantially grow the membership of the Local in the coming months.

Already one of NFFE’s biggest Local lodges, Local 1429 is committed to increasing the dues-paying membership of the Local for a number of important reasons, but among the most significant is the increased clout higher membership density will bring in dealing with management.

“Increased membership is going to be great,” said NFFE Local 1429 President Chris Barlow. “We will be able to show management power in numbers. More members means the ability to negotiate a better contract and carry influence in lots of other important ways. It is going to be a win-win for our members.”

While Local 1429’s plan has many facets, the Local’s Organizing Committee determined that one of the most important keys to growth lies in the ability to effectively communicate to potential members what the Union is doing for them each and every day. The challenge to communicate effectively is made more difficult at Letterkenny Army Depot because many employees have little or no daily access to email. That means for many workers, information has to reach them via word-of-mouth or on flyers and hand-bills circulated at the worksite. 

“I think we have a good plan to get our message out there more despite the challenges we face, and I know it is going to help build membership,” said Barlow. “Folks around here want to know what the Union is doing for them – well, we are going to tell them and keep telling them. This Union is doing great things for Letterkenny Army Depot employees, but we don’t brag about it enough. That is going to change.”

Although the execution of the Local 1429’s plan for growth is just getting underway, the optimism that comes with a plan for growth is already starting to change the way some members view the Union.

“Our plan to grow the Local is promising,” said Carlos Cintron, Vice President of Local 1429 and Chair of the Organizing Committee. “It’s encouraging to see the enthusiasm and drive to get new members. Growing this Local is going to take some work, but I believe it is going to be worthwhile. I’m excited to be a part of this effort.”

Local 1429 organizing committee
Pictured (left to right): NFFE Organizing Director Brittany Cardinal, Local 1429 President Chris Barlow, National Business Representative Jim Davis, Local 1429 Vice President Bruce Byers, National Business Representative Amy Burns, Local 1429 Vice President Carlos Cintron, and Local 1429 Secretary/Treasurer Scott Guyer