NFFE Locals Move Forward with New Organizing Plan; Seeing Gains


Since its publication last month, there has been a great deal of discussion and enthusiasm regarding the National Federation of Federal Employees’ (NFFE) new Organizing Strategic Plan. Many Locals have begun submitting questions and comments about the document, as well as specific organizing plans and targets for their Locals for the remainder of 2009 and beyond.

Developing an organizing plan at each NFFE Local and setting organizing goals are both key components of the new tier system, which is explained in detail in the Organizing Strategic Plan. One of the central features of the plan, the tier system gives Locals guideposts for tracking and improving organizing. This will help the NFFE National Office assess the level of assistance each Local needs, and provides an objective means of recognizing Locals’ organizing efforts and gauging effectiveness.

Several NFFE Locals have submitted their organizing information and some have begun planning, or even held, organizing drives in recent months. Less than a month ago the NFFE Local 1998 members at the National Passport Center in Portsmouth, NH, did just that. Business Representative Jim Davis, National Organizing Director Cassie Kerner, and National Communications Director Cory Bythrow all traveled to New Hampshire to assist with the drive. Thanks to a great deal of planning and hard work on the part of the Local officers and members, the drive was extremely successful.

“I’d like to encourage the leadership at every NFFE Local to study the Organizing Strategic Plan and make an effort to get involved with it,” said Kerner. “The plan provides a great means for Locals to both improve their organizing effectiveness and be recognized for their hard work.”

Any NFFE members who have not yet reviewed the plan can do so by visiting the NFFE website,, signing in, and clicking on “Organizing Central” on the right-hand side of the screen. Comments and questions about the plan, as well as any Local information, can be sent to National Organizing Director Cassie Kerner. She can be reached via email at, phone at (703) 303-2047 or fax at (816) 689-3800.