NFFE National Officers’ Pay Freeze Announcement


Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, the White House last week proposed a two-year freeze on civilian federal employee pay. This freeze will place a tremendous strain on the bottom line of many of our members, a reality that we here at NFFE National cannot and will not overlook.

For this reason, I have issued an order to freeze the salaries of all nationally-elected officers, including myself, National Secretary-Treasurer Fenaughty, and the National Executive Council, effective immediately. Going forward, we will all have to make sacrifices in our daily lives, and it is important that your elected leaders are sharing equally in that sacrifice.

There will be many more challenges to our livelihoods in the coming months as Congress considers substantial cuts to the federal budget. Rest assured that we will be here to fight with you, in solidarity, to protect your pay, benefits, and job security.

In Solidarity,

William R. Dougan
National President

William D. Fenaughty
National Secretary-Treasurer