NFFE thanks Secretary Vilsack for allowing all USDA Employees to Partake in Public Service Recognition Week


Public Service Recognition Week was celebrated the first week of May to honor the people who serve our nation as federal, state, county, local, and tribal government employees.  This year, United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Vilsack granted all USDA employees two hours of time off in recognition of Public Service Recognition Week to use right away or during the following week at a time conducive to employee’s varied schedules. 

In the past, many federal employees had been unable to take advantage of most time off granted to mark milestones or near a federal holiday.  Visitor centers staff, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and others could not enjoy the leave time granted because of their responsibilities to the public within our national forests.  This year, under the flexibility provided by Secretary Vilsack, all USDA workers can enjoy the two hours of leave granted as a token of appreciation in recognition of their dedication to public service.     

“While the leave flexibility granted by Secretary Vilsack may seem like a small gesture, it shows tremendous attention to detail and consideration of the value and challenges facing the workforce at USDA,” stated NFFE National President Randy Erwin.  “These small changes demonstrate a deeper understanding of the daily mission for the federal employees on the ground working in our national forests.  On behalf of all USDA employees represented by NFFE, I thank Secretary Vilsack for his continuing thoughtfulness and consideration for every worker under his charge.”