Organizing Tip of the Week: It Pays to be a Union Member


As you’ve probably learned from personal experience, one of the most common reasons potential members give for not joining the union is that they cannot afford the dues. In the current economic climate, this is an even bigger challenge. Fortunately, you can show them why they can’t afford NOT to join!

Union members have access to a number of money-saving benefits. Those members who take advantage of the discounts available to them can more than recoup the money they spend on union dues each year.

One great resource available to NFFE-IAM members are the discounts offered through Union Plus. Union Plus was created by the AFL-CIO in order to offer discounted products and services to working families. They offer an impressive number and variety of benefits to union members, and there is no additional cost to take advantage of them.

Visit the Union Plus website,, to see what they have to offer. They provide discounts on auto insurance, car rentals, cell phone service, vehicle maintenance, home heating oil, movie tickets, pet insurance, and much, much more. They offer a Union Plus credit card, with special union member rates and benefits, as well as mortgage assistance for union members, and scholarships for union members and their children. The amount of money they can save savvy union members is truly limitless.

Union Plus brochures are included in every New Member Kit sent out by the NFFE National Office. You can also request pamphlets and other promotional material for your Local directly by calling 1-800-472-2005 or emailing The Union Plus website also includes an Organizing Toolkit, with links to a sample list of benefits , downloadable flyers, articles and web banners that you can share with your bargaining unit, and tips for making the most of the program.

When a potential member says they won’t join because of the cost of union dues, remember: It doesn’t cost to be a union member—it pays! For more information on the discounts offered by Union Plus, or advice on how to utilize them at your Local, contact your National Organizing Coordinator today.