Organizing Tip of the Week: Order NFFE Visibility Materials, Free of Charge!


Thanks for reading the first installment of NFFE’s Organizing Tip of the Week! Going forward, NFFE will post one piece of recruitment advice every week so that all NFFE members can be equipped with the same knowledge as some of our union’s most experienced organizers. This week, we are asking all NFFE Locals to take advantage of our free visibility materials.

NFFE has nearly 20 different flyers, signs, brochures, and handbills available to raise awareness of your Local in the workplace. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these materials are great for bulletin boards, organizing drives, Local events, and more. To see a comprehensive list of NFFE’s visibility materials, click here.

It is critically important that our Locals be visible in the workplace. If your colleagues are unaware of all of the good work NFFE is doing for them in the workplace and in Washington, they will miss out on the benefits of becoming a member. You can’t join a union that you do not know exists! To make sure your bargaining unit is in the know, get your NFFE visibility materials today!

To order, visit the NFFE Visibility Materials Page on the NFFE website, Then, send an email to your National Organizing Coordinator (See map and contact information below) with the name of the materials you wish to order, how many of each, and where to ship it. In one to two days, your materials will be on their way completely free of charge. Order now!

Click Here to Order NFFE Visibility Materials for Your Local

Western Region (Purple) Eastern Region (Blue)

Cassie Kerner
(703) 303-2047

Brittany Paull
(202) 216-4425