Organizing Tip of the Week: Share your Stories


NFFE National in Washington, D.C. has been working hard to bring you the latest news, tips, and tricks in organizing. Now, it’s time to hear from you!

What’s working at your Local? Locals have been ramping up their efforts with organizing and it’s paying off, big time. Scores of federal employees make the decision to become a union member every day. With more members, we have more power; our density is our destiny. If we work together, we can fight off anti-worker legislation, reductions in the workforce and pay. Send us your stories of the successes you are having at your Local or Council.

How has talking face-to-face with your Local bargaining units increased your membership?

How has updating your bulletin boards and newsletters helped your Local’s visibility?

What have you been using at new employee orientations?

Has having 1187s properly filled out and with you at all times increased membership?

Have you held large organizing drives since you kicked off your new recruitment efforts?

How did setting attainable goals affect your Local’s membership?

Who is on your organizing committee?

How have your members benefited from using the Union Plus discounts?

NFFE Locals have been doing incredible things. Let us honor your success and hard work. Send NFFE National your tips, tricks, and Local news along with any photos from your Local. Our strength is in our unity. Let us know which of our suggestions have been helpful to you, which haven’t, and what strategies you are effectively utilizing that we should share with other Locals. Let’s lock arms, roll up our sleeves, and spread the word!

Please send stories and photos to your Organizing Coordinator. See the map below for details.

Western Region (Purple) Eastern Region (Blue)

Cassie Kerner
(703) 303-2047

Brittany Paull
(202) 216-4425