NFFE Veterans: Apply for New Benefits Established by the PACT Act Today


February 22, 2023

The PACT Act is a bill that expands on VA healthcare for veterans that have been exposed to toxic substances, burn pits, and Agent Orange. It also requires the VA to provide toxic exposure screenings to all veterans enrolled in VA healthcare. It aims to create more comprehensive care for veterans that have sacrificed their health to protect our country. These benefits will be extended to veterans of the Vietnam War, Gulf War, and post 9/11 era wars.

These exposures have been added to a list of “presumptive conditions” which are automatically considered to be a result of military service. This component of the PACT Act creates an easier pathway to health care for veterans because they do not have to prove their injury or illness was a result of their service, but rather it will be presumed as such.

NFFE encourages veterans to apply for benefits through the IAM Veterans Services Department, which can help veterans with any and all benefits that they wish to seek out — these services will be extended to both members and their families. Veterans can pursue assistance in the following areas: preparation, presentation and prosecution of disability compensation, education, employment, home loans, life insurance, pensions, health care, and burial benefits.

NFFE and IAM been involved in legislation to help improve benefits for our Veterans. The IAM has drafted and submitted language to help improve what the state of Maryland currently uses for Veterans and their dependents regarding education benefits. The IAM is hoping to implement this same language in other states as well.

The IAM Veterans Services Department is currently working on updating their website to provide more comprehensive information. For now, military Veterans can fill out the contact sheet on the IAM Veterans Services website to receive assistance with their benefit claims.