Passport Services Local 1998 Members Attend Impactful Training Following Key Arbitration Win

1998 W3

Internal NFFE News

April 29, 2024

Last week, members of National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) Local 1998 attended a specialized Passport Services training at the Machinist’s Winpisinger Education Center. The course covered a wide variety of topics and training exercises, such as the history of Local 1998, basic steward duties, grievance procedures and writing, understanding the Passport Services collective bargaining agreement, mock negotiations, and more. This year’s training was highlighted by a discussion with Deputy Assistant Secretary for Passport Services, Don Jacobson.

Earlier this year, Local 1998 secured an arbitration win when it was ruled that agency management had improperly moved ahead with raising Passport Services employees’ production quota. As a result, Local 1998 and the agency reached a settlement agreement that will allow the union to be involved in wide-ranging changes at Passport Services. As management contemplates significant adjustments to how the agency is operated, Local 1998 will have a seat at the table to ensure that employees’ voices are considered before any new policies are implemented.

“Barring the local’s first-ever local lodge class at the Winpisinger Center – 15 years ago – this year’s class was by far the most significant,” said NFFE Business Representative Rob Arnold, who specializes in Passport Services representation. “The head of Passport Services accepted an invitation to interact with the union leaders and the discussion proved valuable for both union members and the Deputy Assistant Secretary. Foundational changes to the way the agency operates are now on the table, but Local 1998 has ensured it will play a major role. NFFE-IAM members will have a strong impact in their workplaces and will be able to safeguard their best interests.”

“Passport workers have come under a great deal of unwarranted scrutiny by some members of Congress,” said NFFE National President Randy Erwin. “However, we know these folks are some of the hardest working and most dedicated professionals across the federal government. Local 1998 is a major force at the bargaining table and in the workplace, and NFFE is doing everything we can to make sure Passport Service employees are given the resources and technology they need to fulfill their mission effectively. This year’s training will set up a new wave of local leaders that will help shape how the agency operates for years to come.”