Tell Congress to Pass the Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act


September 8, 2021

NFFE is calling on all union members to contact their representatives in Congress to urge them to pass H.R. 962, The Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act. NFFE is working tirelessly on Capitol Hill to push for this legislation to become law, but everyone’s support is needed for its passing.

NFFE members include civilian police officers under the Department of Army and other agencies, who are full time police officers meeting the requirements as “qualified federal law enforcement officers” as set forth in the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) of 2004 under Title 18 USC § 926B. As federal law enforcement officers, NFFE members risk injury, life and death every day in the protection of, and duty to, military installations and extended areas when required. Officers are required to submit to and pass annual medical examinations and annual physical agility tests.

However, these officers are not provided a Federal Law Enforcement Officers Retirement Plan and are currently under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which is not a law enforcement retirement system. FERS provides a 20% benefit for a 20-year service retirement to all full time federal employees.

NFFE law enforcement officers are in need of the same Federal Law Enforcement Retirement Plan that has been provided for other federal law enforcement officers throughout the world. Unfortunately, The Department of Army and other agencies do not support a federal law enforcement retirement plan for these NFFE members.

Thus, NFFE is asking members to contact their representatives and urge them to support H.R. 962, The Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act, which will help bring equity to the retirement benefits of all federal law enforcement officers and ensure that the federal government has the incentives necessary to continue the recruitment for the best law enforcement officers available to combat the continuing domestic and foreign terrorist attacks, including the recent Capitol riots on January 6th, 2021.

Use NFFE’s Action Network to contact your representatives with a letter HERE.