UPDATE: Friday Midnight Shutdown Becoming More Likely


As the midnight deadline approaches for the current Continuing Resolution (CR), it seems there is no resolution in sight to prevent a partial lapse of appropriations, otherwise known as a shutdown.  All eyes are on the Senate where Democrat and Republican hold-outs consider their positions.  Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell stated that he intends to keep the Senate in session until a CR is passed, throughout the weekend, if necessary.

What we know:

  • Funding for appropriated agencies runs out at midnight tonight.  OMB and OPM instructed agencies to begin ‘informal notifications’ to nonessential employees who may be furloughed.
  • Formal notices of furlough will follow either Monday or over the weekend.  Check with your agency to see if you must report for work Monday or for weekend shifts.  Do not assume you are furloughed.
  • Agencies determine who is essential and nonessential.  Check with your supervisor.
  • All employees will receive their paychecks for Pay Period 1 (which ends this Saturday).
  • Paychecks for Pay Period 2 (1/21 to 2/3) may be affected.
  • Back pay requires Congressional approval.  Essential employees will not receive pay for days worked during the furlough until back pay is approved.  The same applies to furloughed employees.  

What NFFE is doing:

  1. NFFE continues to fight for back pay in the event of a furlough.  We are working with Democrats and Republicans on several bills right now.
  2. NFFE will keep its members posted as events progress.   

What you can do:

  1. Sign up for alerts using your personal email by sending a note to jatkins@nffe.org
  2. Follow NFFE on Facebook @NFFEunion, and Twitter @NFFE_Union
  3. Gather personal phone numbers and non-gov emails to communicate with members.
  4. Post this memo at your workplace and help spread the word.
  5. Go over your personal finances and prepare for the possibility of delayed paychecks.
  6. Help NFFE members with access to emergency loans through the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA), on which NFFE serves on the board of directors.  For more information, visit the FEEA website at www.feea.org.
  7. Read the OPM Q&A below regarding specific questions related to the shutdown.

OPM Shutdown FAQ