Want to Make a Difference? Share Your Story with the ‘I Am a Federal Employee’ Blog!


Let’s face it – it’s been a rough two years for federal employees. Between the pay freeze, RIFs, budget reductions, and retirement cuts, we are all just about at the end of our ropes.

If we truly want to turns things around, we need to come out and say it ourselves. That is why we are encouraging all federal workers to share their stories on www.IamaFederalEmployee.org!

Our goal is to change the public perception of federal employees by sharing the struggles, accomplishments, and sacrifices that come with your day to day service to the American people. When the public sees the value you bring to our nation, there is no way politicians or the media can get away with the type of attacks we’ve seen.

So what are you waiting for? Make a difference and share your story today!