Labor Day Message from NFFE President Randy Erwin


September 2, 2022

Dear NFFE-IAM Members,

Happy Labor Day to you and your families. This weekend is a celebration of you, and the critical work you do for the American people every day.

The American public looks to you to keep our nation safe and strong, at agencies like DoD and DHS. Our Veterans trust in your healthcare at the VA. Families across the country rely on workers at the Forest Service to enjoy our national parks and protect our communities from wildfires. American travelers depend on the Passport employees that provide essential and timely service. To every worker who is committed to their work in public service, we have you to thank for keeping our country running each day. Your Union is so proud of the work you do every day.

We are also proud of the recent achievements this union has made with collective effort of NFFE-IAM members nation-wide. This year, NFFE achieved historical organizing growth and fought to protect the jobs of hundreds of workers from coast to coast. We secured life-changing pay raises and a new job series for our members who are wildland firefighters. We rallied against reorganization plans at both the VA and FAA, ensuring that no facilities would be closed and no employees would be laid off. We secured several wins for employees at DoD through the 2023 House NDAA, including one of the largest pay raises in decades for all federal employees. We worked with the White House and OPM to promote organizing and collective bargaining so that unions across the nation –including NFFE and the IAM – have the resources to grow their strength on behalf of the working people of America. 

To all the dues-paying members across the country – thank you for your membership in this union. These achievements are only possible because of you. I encourage you to share the amazing work your union is doing with your non-member colleagues. We need everyone we represent to join us in our fight for a better future.

Brothers and Sisters, thank you for the work you do, and for being dedicated members of our great Union. As always: We work for America every day!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Randy Erwin
President, National Federation of Federal Employees