As January 19 Government Funding Deadline Looms, NFFE Fights: ‘Hands-off Fed Workers’ Pay and Benefits’


The current Continuing Resolution (CR) funding the government expires at midnight on Friday, January 19, 2018.  NFFE continues to work with House and Senate Republicans and Democrats to remind them that government employees in recent years have already contributed more than $182 billion to offset the growing deficit.  These contributions, so to speak, came in the form of multiple pay freezes, an unpaid furlough in 2013, increases in new employee benefit contributions, and reduced pay increases that continue to widen the pay gap with the private sector.

NFFE and its coalition partners are actively working with leadership on Capitol Hill to implore them not to take any more financial security from federal employees as they consider alternative offsets against discretionary spending caps.  It is unknown whether an agreement can be made before the CR expiration date or whether another short-term CR is a viable option.  Keep watching for NFFE updates as another countdown to shutdown continues.