Feds Helping Feds: FEEA Offers Millions in Emergency Loans and Scholarships to Federal Employees


As union sisters and brothers, we understand that there is strength in working together toward common goals. In this spirit NFFE was a founding member of the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA), the only organization dedicated solely to helping federal workers and their families with emergency assistance and scholarships.

Since that day in 1986, FEEA has given millions to federal workers in need. In the last five years alone, FEEA has been able to:

  • Assist over 1,900 feds affected by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike during the summer of 2008. More than $870,000 in grants was provided;
  • More than triple the rate at which it no-interest loans are being extended to federal employees. This increase is directly related to the financial difficulties feds are experiencing in the economic downturn;
  • Provide more than $2.5 million in emergency no-interest loans to federal employees’
    Reach a total of over $8.7 million in emergency financial assistance and more than $11 million in scholarships.

All of this good work has been made possible through donations to the CFC by federal workers like yourselves. We urge you to continue doing your part to deliver a better tomorrow to our fellow federal workers, and consider donating to FEEA (#11185). Learn more at http://www.feea.org/cfc.

Donate to CFC #11185