Free College Announcement

Eastern Gateway

August 15, 2022

Free College is still available for registered students for the fall 2022 semester. Information about future terms will be shared as soon as it is available. Read the latest on Free College from EGCC. 

Update on Free College Program

The Free College program is continuing for new and existing students who enrolled on or before July 18, 2022. Registration is currently suspended for future terms. 

Current and Returning students can schedule advising appointments on the EGCC site through this link

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am currently enrolled in the Free College Program at Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC), who do I contact with questions?

A: Email EGCC at or call an EGCC Admissions Counselor at 1-833-465-2505 or the Financial Aid Help Desk at 1-833-465-2505, select option 2. Additional information can also be found in EGCC’s recent press release.