Hundreds of NFFE Items Available at New Online Store!


In the strategic planning session NFFE conducted last year, one message that the NFFE National Office heard loud and clear was that the union needed to offer the membership more NFFE apparel in order to increase visibility of the union.

We are now proud to introduce NFFE’s new online store, which provides a wide selection of custom-made NFFE promotional items for members. The new online store has literally hundreds of different items for members to choose from including shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, athletic wear, and other items. All of these items are 100% American-made, and the vast majority of items offered are union made.

Members of the organizing committee have seen samples of every product offered and they have certified that these items are of the highest quality in the industry. Particularly impressive is the embroidery on the NFFE items, which is accurate to the smallest detail. All items in the online store are reasonably priced, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

One particular benefit of this online store is that there are no minimum orders. NFFE-IAM members can order just one of a given item or they can order hundreds. Even when ordering just one item, prices are very reasonable. If you are making a large order, be sure to call the vendor to arrange for a group discount.

Another benefit is that every item that is ordered can be customized with your Local number. To add your Local number under the NFFE symbol on a shirt or other item is just $1 extra.

Please note that NFFE National does not receive any portion of the sale price of NFFE items. We have priced the items as low as possible and receive no profit from their sale.

You asked for more NFFE items, and now you have access to them. Please go to the NFFE store today and get yourself a few items that you can wear proudly around your workplace. Let’s show everyone that we are proud to be NFFE-IAM members!

Click Here to Access NFFE’s Online Store