In the Matter of Arbitration NFFE is Bar None


Local 12 represents maintenance employees at the 12th Fighter Training Wing Maintenance Directorate’s facility located at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. As a part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, schedules in this unit are set by Local 12 members, and most specifically, these shift assignments are done on  the basis of seniority.  By a preponderance of the evidence, it was determined that the management in this case violated the terms of the CBA by instituting the mandatory shift rotations that are the subject of this dispute.
In the matter of arbitration, NFFE is best at representing its members, bar none. Dave Stamey, the newly elected NFFE Secretary Treasurer, was  able to make two essential points that favored Local 12 NFFE-IAM members: First, the language of the CBA requires that shift assignments be done on the basis of seniority. Secondly, Dave argued, that any change to the shift assignment, by, for instance, imposing a mandatory rotation in shifts, should have been changed only by notification to and bargaining with the Union. 

Newly elected NFFE Secretary Treasurer Dave Stamey said, “We take our role and responsibility to bargain on behalf of employees seriously. We will demand to bargain, as appropriate, in those situations that affect the working condition of our bargaining units.” It was clear that management at the Air Station violated the CBA, if not by the introduction of the mandatory shift, then by excluding the fact that the shift change should have been ordained by the Union. We here at NFFE-IAM understand the importance of a Collective Bargaining Agreement that is set to serve as a Bill of Rights for all of its employees, and NFFE -IAM is happy to always be of service to its NFFE-IAM members and families at Locals across the country.  Interested in reading this arbitration case, please click here.