DEADLINE TO JOIN – December 13, 2020

Many of you recall the anger and frustration you experienced close to two years ago as a result of the 2018-2019 government shutdown. If you joined the lawsuit two years ago, then nothing further is required. However, for those that did not yet join, you may recall that In January 2019 we joined forces with Snider & Associates, LLC, and several other Unions to file a collective action lawsuit against the federal government based upon its failure to pay minimum wage and/or overtime to excepted employees who worked through the shutdown.

Snider & Associates is a law firm that primarily represents unions and employees with special expertise in federal sector labor and employment law matters. In order to be eligible to join the case, you must be designated as FLSA non-exempt and excepted status and have performed work during the shutdown. The information about your FLSA status can be found on your SF-50.

Even though the government eventually paid the employees some of what we believe they are owed, we still believe that employees are owed additional funds. We strongly encourage every employee who is eligible, to join the case. There is no cost to do soFor more information about the case or to join please visit

You will not automatically be added to this lawsuit, you have to affirmatively join via the website.