Labor Day 2017 Message to all NFFE Members, Family and Friends


National President Randy Erwin offers a Labor Day message as we countdown to NFFE’s 100th Birthday

“This September rings in with a very special Labor Day for NFFE.  This month 100 years ago, NFFE was founded as the first labor union to represent federal employees.  In 1917, there was no retirement system, working hours were poorly controlled, leave time was not standardized, Saturday was not recognized as a weekend day, and federal employees had not received a pay increase since the Civil War…for more than 50 years!  

“After its formation, NFFE single-handedly built a foundation from which the federal landscape dramatically changed.  NFFE’s early victories include the establishment of a retirement system, a law to provide “Equal Pay for Equal Work,” and salary adjustments to match contemporary times.  As the years continued, NFFE sustained other critical wins such as accumulated annual and sick leave, establishment of the 40-hour week, overtime, job classification protections, health benefits, holiday pay, the Family Medical Leave Act, and a designated system of merit to minimalize corruption in hiring, promotions and terminations.

“Our accomplishments over the past 100 years are remarkable but few things in life are guaranteed.  We continue to fight for many of the same issues today as we did so long ago.  While every NFFE Member should feel proud of what their union has achieved, we have much more to do.  Our true strength is in our numbers, and our strength will be tested this year as powerful forces aim to deplete the federal workforce of its people, its resources and its spirit.               

“Find time this weekend to contemplate the achievements of the American Labor Movement with family and friends, and please remember those who are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.”   Randy Erwin, NFFE National President   

REMEMBER HARVEY  Please remember our colleagues and their families who are still suffering from the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey.  For many right now, it is hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  NFFE Members and friends have two ways to help those suddenly in need of assistance, the IAM Disaster Relief Fund and the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA).  Both charities are working hard to bring light and hope back to so many who lost so much.

WHY LABOR DAY  “Labor Day is an occasion to honor the achievements of working people. For many Americans, it is also the last long weekend off before the end of summer. It’s a day to spend time with family and loved ones and an opportunity to gather before the new school year starts. But for too many of us, it is a reminder of how we are increasingly working more and harder for less.”   

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