FL 1690 Young Worker Tyller Williamson Elected Delegate to the Central Labor Council


NFFE members understand the importance of solidarity which is why the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA, FL 1690, decided to join its Central Labor Council last year. With 37,000 members represented by 75 unions, the Monterey and Santa Cruz County CLC not only advocates on issues important to working families, it also engages in pressing community activism.

Tyller Williamson, age 29, serves as the Legislative Chair at FL 1690 and in August of 2016, he was elected as one of three delegates to his CLC. The decision to run for delegate was an easy one; after expressing his interest in political action and community engagement, former NFFE Legislative Director and current National President Randy Erwin advised him to connect with fellow union activists through his regional CLC.

“I want to participate,” Williamson stated, “in my union, in my community, and in our democracy. While it’s important to make our voices as working people heard, it’s even more important to show up and do the work to improve our condition. Being a part of my CLC gives me the opportunity to connect with like-minded unionists who are committed to making change.”                  

Central Labor Councils, affiliated with the AFL-CIO, represent the many and diverse interests of the local unions within a region or state. Deeply connected to the working families of the communities they serve, CLCs are the heart of the labor movement. These local organizations combine the collective strength and voices of thousands of union members to conduct local, state, and national campaigns to improve the lives of hard-working women and men.

“I wholeheartedly encourage all NFFE members to become a part of a Central Labor Council,” remarked Randy Erwin, NFFE National President.  “I am a member of the Northern Virginia CLC, and throughout the years I have served in numerous leadership positions within the council. Being a part of the NOVA CLC has allowed me to connect my love of my union to the larger Labor Movement and the community where I live. If you pride yourself in being a dedicated union member, don’t wait to make this important connection.” 

If you or your local is interested in joining a Central Labor Council in your area, reach out to the NFFE National Office at (202) 216-4420 to learn more or visit AFL-CIO | State Federations and Central Labor Councils to find a CLC in your state.

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