Meet NFFE’s New National Executive Council


At last month’s 50th National Convention, delegates from NFFE Locals around the country elected the next National Officers of the National Federation of Federal Employees. The elected officers shall each serve four-year terms, beginning on December 15, 2016. The newly-elected officers are: 

Randy Erwin, National President: Randy Erwin has been a NFFE-IAM member since 2001. He served as President of NFFE Local 2 for seven years and served in a variety of roles at the NFFE National Office. Erwin served three years as Assistant to the NFFE National President under Rick Brown, then spent a decade as NFFE’s Legislative Director, and one year as NFFE’s Executive Director. Currently, Erwin serves as NFFE National Secretary-Treasurer. As the National Secretary-Treasurer, Randy is responsible for overseeing the Union’s finances and ensuring long-term financial stability. He has championed various internal reforms to promote efficiency, transparency, and accountability in National Office operations. 

Dave Stamey, National Secretary-Treasurer: Dave Stamey has been a NFFE-IAM member for 24 years. A member of NFFE Local 466, Stamey has served as a National Business Representative for the Southern region since 2009. As a National Business Representative, Stamey has negotiated several collective bargaining agreements, provided trainings to Local Officers both in the field and at the Winpisinger Center, and has lead numerous organizing drives in various federal agencies. Before being hired as a NFFE National Business Representative, Stamey served as a Steward, Chief Steward, Vice President and President of Local 1563. Additionally, Stamey served as a Council Vice President on the Forest Service Council. 

Rob Arnold, National Vice President: Rob Arnold has served as President of Local 1998 since 2010. Arnold has submitted written testimony for Senate Congressional hearings on passport integrity and presented training sessions tailored to the Local 1998 bargaining unit. Additionally, Rob played a major role in a negotiability case that has benefited the passport adjudicators of Local 1998 immensely and has won countless other rulings in NFFE’s favor. Arnold begins his second full term of office as a National Vice President following his appointment to the National Executive Council in 2010. 

Bob Beckley, National Vice President: Bob Beckley is a member of Local 60 and has been a NFFE-IAM member since the early 1990’s. He has served in a variety of roles at his Local, including Chief Steward and Vice President. Moreover, Beckley also serves on the NFFE Forest Service Council Safety Committee, Civil Rights Committee, and the Legislative Committee. A first-time National Vice President, Beckley looks forward to the various challenges in overseeing NFFE national operations that await in the coming years. 

Mark Davis, National Vice President: Mark Davis has been a NFFE-IAM member since 1996. A member of NFFE Local 276, Davis has served in a variety of roles both at the Local and Forest Service Council level. Elected to a second term as National Vice President, Davis spent much the time in his first term working with the National Executive Council to enhance NFFE’s budget formulation and implementation. Following the work of his first term, Davis sought a second term in an effort to build on the previous four years’ successes. As an elected NFFE official, Davis is committed to serving NFFE-IAM members at the Local and Council level. Throughout Davis’ second term, his actions shall be guided by the question: “How can we best help our Local and Council leaders grow a stronger, more effective Union?”

Roosevelt Davis, National Vice President: The son of a Union President, Roosevelt Davis currently serves as the President of NFFE Local 2102. In this role he has filed numerous Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs), grievances and contract negotiation submissions. During his tenure, Davis has helped lead a nearly-400% membership increase of Local 2102. More recently, Davis has assisted on the mid-term bargaining team for the VA Master Agreement. He also sits on various VA Council standing committees. A first-time National Vice President, Davis is committed to leveraging his skills and abilities to assist in making NFFE a stronger Union.

Patricia La Sala, National Vice President: Patricia La Sala, a nurse by trade, has been a member of NFFE Local 1 at the San Francisco VA Hospital since 2000. She was the primary architect in the explosive organizing growth Local 1 has achieved in the past 15 years—becoming NFFE’s largest Local. Serving as a National Vice President since 2004, La Sala also serves on the Legislative Committee of the NFFE Veterans Affairs (VA) Council. La Sala brings a wealth of organizing knowledge to the National Executive Council and is excited to play a role in continuing NFFE’s historic growth in recent years.

Gerald McCarty, National Vice President: Gerald McCarty serves as Chief Steward and 2nd Vice President of NFFE Local 2189. In these roles, McCarty oversees and directs representational work performed by 40 Union Stewards at one of NFFE’s largest Locals and regularly conducts Steward training. McCarty is also the chairman of Local 2189’s Legislative Committee, in which he leads efforts to maintain funding for programs that are vital to the existence of Red River Army Depot. McCarty maintains strong relationships with federal legislators and works year-round to protect the employees at Red River Army Depot. McCarty is a first-time National Vice President. 

Karen Mora, National Vice President: Karen Mora has been a NFFE-IAM member for more than two decades. After serving in numerous roles in her Local, she has most recently served as a Council Vice President on the Forest Service Council. In these various roles, Mora has been on the Master Contract Negotiations team for the Forest Service Council and has provided leadership training to new Stewards in NFFE Forest Service Locals. She has also been a member of the Forest Service Partnership for five years, giving her keen insights into contract enforcement and representational matters. Mora has had a 38-year federal career with the Bureau of Land Management, Geological Survey, and Forest Service. Mora is a first-time National Vice President.

The newly-elected NFFE National Officers, from L to R: Rob Arnold (FL 1998), Jerry McCarty (FL 2189), Karen Mora (FL 2004), David Stamey (FL 466), Randy Erwin (FL 2), Mark Davis (FL 276), Roosevelt Davis (FL 2102), Bob Beckley (FL 60), Patricia La Sala (FL 1).