Scholarship Opportunities Abound for NFFE-IAM Members


With back-to-school season in the rear-view mirror, many families are setting their sights on college applications for themselves and/or loved ones. With student loan debt at an all-time high (and continuing its upward trend), enrolling in college is an increasingly daunting choice. The decision to seek post-secondary education is a deeply personal one, but NFFE-IAM members have numerous opportunities to supplement their education costs with various scholarships offered by NFFE, the IAM and FEEA.

Earlier this year, two students were awarded the 2016 NFFE Richard N. Brown Memorial Scholarship, thanks to the help of the Federal Employee and Education Assistance Fund (FEEA) – a non-profit organization founded to provide financial assistance to federal employees and their families. This year’s winners are Meghan Gorham and Caroline Stewart.

Gorham is from Santa Ana, Calif. and plans to attend UC-Riverside to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. The daughter of a proud federal employee, Gorham has been taught financial stability from her parent’s career as a civil servant, “The stability provided to my parent through their federal career makes our family feel much safer, financially speaking.” Recognizing the importance of a strong education, Gorham says that she would like to pursue graduate education upon completion of her undergraduate degree and is thankful for the financial relief offered by the NFFE scholarship.

Stewart, a member of NFFE Local 1, is from San Francisco, Calif. A proud employee of the Veterans Health Administration, Stewart is currently seeking her Master of Science of Health Informatics from the University of Illinois—Chicago. A loving wife and mother of two young children, Stewart says that seeking a graduate education while maintaining her role as a civil servant is a tremendous source of pride.

“My husband and two kids understand my graduate education and my federal work are important because service is integral to our daily lives and for taking care of America’s veterans,” said Stewart.

We congratulate Gorham and Stewart on their awards, and we wish them well in their studies.

Miss out on the application for the Richard N. Brown Memorial Scholarship? No problem! The 2017 IAM Scholarship Competition is now open. Applicants must be either a NFFE-IAM member or the son, daughter, stepchild or legally-adopted child of a NFFE-IAM member. Scholarships are available to those seeking a Bachelor’s degree or a two-year vocational/technical certification.

For members, scholarships are awarded at $2,000 per academic year. For children of members, scholarships are awarded at $1,000 per academic year. All awards are renewed each year until a Bachelor’s degree is obtained up to a maximum of four years. Vocational/Technical School — $2,000 per year until certification is reached up to a maximum of two years.

How to Apply for a 2017 IAM Scholarship

There are three different Application Packets. Please choose the appropriate link below to apply for an IAM Scholarship. The Application Packet must be completed and postmarked by February 24, 2017:
To be valid, an application must be submitted on the appropriate form. If you do not qualify under the above requirements, please do not send an application. No exceptions can be made to the rules. Application Packets for the 2017 competition may also be obtained by calling our scholarship department at 301-967-4708 or by emailing

Meghan Gorham (left) and Caroline Stewart (right) pose with their families