New ‘Federal Employee’ Newsletter Now Available!


This year’s second edition of NFFE’s quarterly newsletter, the Federal Employee, is now available! What’s Inside:

  • House Committee Approves Bills to Double Federal Worker Probationary Period
  • Anti-Union Congressmen Introduce Bill to Eliminate Deduction of Union Dues
  • Key House Republicans Introduce Bill to Cut 200,000 Federal Jobs by 2015
  • Union Official Time Comes Under Fire at Congressional Hearing
  • Breaking the Bank: Washington’s Attack on Your Retirement Security
  • 2011 NFFE-IAM Conference a Major Success: Members Bring Their Stories to Capitol Hill
  • NFFE Sees Substantial Gains in Membership as New Locals Step Up to the Plate
  • NFFE Members Take the Spotlight as Federal Worker Issues Go Mainstream
  • On the Road with Jan Thompson
  • Tell Us Your Story with the ‘I am a Federal Employee’ blog!

Click Here to View the Second Quarter 2011 Edition of the Federal Employee