Organizing Tip of the Week: Give Your Members a Stronger Voice


It is important for members and prospective members to understand that the union gives them a voice not only in the workplace, but throughout the nation. NFFE has jump-started a movement to counter the attacks on federal employees. To do this NFFE has created a blog called, “I am a Federal Employee.” To visit the site, go to This blog is open to members, non-members, and all federal employees.

NFFE is committed to making the voices of all federal employees heard. This is an attractive tool to use while recruiting because it shows that the union cares about the well-being of all workers within the federal government. The only way that we will be able to stop the attacks on your pay, pensions, and health benefits is by having a collective voice.

Solidarity is the key to our survival. Let the nation know that you are not a faceless bureaucrat. Tell your story. Empower everyone to do so as well. This is not just a job, it’s a movement. It’s a movement to create a better life for all workers. Explain this underlining message of unionism to all of your prospective new members. Without members we are powerless to fight these attacks.

Send your story and the stories of your members to Make a commitment to yourself, your families, and your country that you will not go unnamed, unrecognized, or unheard by your government. As a federal employee you have given your life to public service, and you deserve a voice.

Thank you for working for America every day!