New ‘Federal Employee’ Newsletter Now Available!


Featuring a review of the latest budget pressures to hit federal agencies, this issue looks into the policies driving the federal workforce’s very uncertain future. Here is what’s inside.

This year’s third edition of NFFE’s quarterly newsletter, the Federal Employee, is now available! What’s Inside:

  • Independent Study Proves Reckless Privatization a Raw Deal for Taxpayers
  • Congress Gets Lavish Benefits While Advocating Deep Cuts to Federal Pay, Benefits
  • NFFE Issues Challenge to Federal Employees with ‘Each One Reach One’ Campaign
  • Federal Workers Alliance Urges Congressional ‘Super Committee’ to Protect Federal Jobs
  • White House Calls for End to Excessive Federal Contractor Executive Pay
  • The Big Squeeze: Congress Eyes $2.5 Trillion in Cuts as Debt Ceiling Deal gets Underway
  • Organizing Strategic Review Session Set as NFFE Looks to Build on 2011 Gains
  • Meet the Winners of the 2011 Richard N. Brown Memorial Scholarships
  • NFFE Locals Throughout the Country Give Back to Their Communities
  • NFFE Unveils Young Federal Leaders Initiative
  • On the Road with David Stamey
  • Mark Your Calendars for NFFE’s 49th National Convention in Portland, Oregon

Click Here to View the Third Quarter 2011 Edition of the Federal Employee