NFFE Celebrates International Women’s Day


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Today, NFFE joins our sisters and women throughout the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. What began in 1908 as a means of honoring working women, International Women’s Day now stands to commemorate the sacrifices and contributions women make for our families, communities, and places of business. On this day, we honor the women who have fought tirelessly to make our union and this world a more inclusive and fair place.

As the first federal employee union in America, NFFE has been a pioneer in fighting for women’s rights for almost 100 years. While the labor movement has led many of the fights to ensure women receive equal pay, rights, and respect in their workplaces, it is abundantly clear that there is more work to do. As unionists, we must continue to be leaders in the charge to ensure women are safe and valued in all of their many roles.

If you are a woman, we humbly thank you for your service today and every day. If you are a union sister, we extend our sincere appreciation for your brave solidarity. To our brothers who support the courageous, hardworking women in their lives, we commend your displays of unity and efforts at collaboration. NFFE resolutely stands beside the women who are celebrating International Women’s Day today and who are working toward a better future for all women tomorrow. Together we will continue to fight to ensure women will always have a seat at the table where their voices can be heard.